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28 Years of Buggy Adventures on a Mexican turtle Beach

After spending the summer of 2019 immersing herself in the Mexican culture and volunteering at a sea turtle conservation camp in San Pancho, Madison spent months writing and revising a chapter about the camp and its unique methods used to save eggs and hatchlings from poachers and the elements. It was published in December of 2020 in Sea Turtle Research and Conservation: Lessons from the Field.


Artificial Reef Program benefits fishermen, oil companies alike

Madison spent a day on a local fisherman's boat, sat down with an oil company executive and spoke with Louisiana's artificial reef coordinator to learn as much as she could about the program and its impacts. The article and video component were published by Loyola's award-winning newspaper during her senior year.




Uptown homeowners frustrated over skyrocketing S&WB Bills

For weeks, Madison spoke to Uptown New Orleans residents about their increasingly expensive water bills. She also learned how city officials planned to resolve the issue. The article and video component were published both by the Loyola Maroon and The Uptown Messenger.


Divert or Die: Louisiana’s Controversial Plan to Save Coastal Communities and Ecosystems

For months, Madison researched the controversial Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion Project and it's potential impacts on Louisiana's coastal life. The article explores the pros and cons of the project from scientists who stand on either side of the debate, as well as a Tribal Leader who's Village resides in the area that would be impacted.

This piece was published in The Revelator in September of 2022.

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